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Does your next meeting need that 'outside' person to help bring all of the ideas together? Are you unsure how to bring everyone together to collaborate to success? Do you know a meeting is in order to achieve results, but are not sure how to do it?

Whether you are looking for assistance for RESULTS at your meeting with:
  • Brianstorming
  • Organizing
  • Categorizing
  • Action Planning
Tammy can help with organizing your community projects. She has years of experience assisting community leaders with fund-raising projects and community awareness programs. Whatever you are looking for to make things happen, Tammy can help!

When YOU need RESULTS - call Tammy! Please email or call: (814.212.3115) to learn about ways I may help you.
I am offering FREE consulting to help you create your perfect event. Email   Tammy  for more details.


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