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    The Lighter Side of Breast Cancer Recovery
    The Lighter Side of Breast Cancer Recovery: Lessons Learned Along the Path to Healing, takes you down the path with a woman who has been there, but it may not be the path that most people follow.  From surgeons equipped with clown noses, to going through surgery wearing a feather boa, Tammy looks at this very serious topic with a lighthearted attitude and some words of encouragement for others facing a difficult journey.

    Pink Ribbon Stories: A Celebration of Life
    This book is a wonderful collection of stories from 123 women and men whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. There are all kinds of stories in this book.  I am certain that something here will resonate with every reader.  For some of the stories I should probably issue a “tissue warning”, and for others a “laughter warning”, just Depends – yes, the pun IS intended!!  There are stories that will warm your heart; make you laugh; cause you to pause for reflection; and others that simply tell a story of a courageous journey through life.

    My Life is Just Speech Material and So is Yours
    Have you ever had a difficult time organizing your thoughts?  How about a difficult job interview or meeting presentation?  Did you ever struggle with finding the right structure to express your ideas? Are you a new speaker, or an experienced speaker looking for a fresh approach? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this book is for you!

    This book will provide you with the tools and ideas to help you organize and present your thoughts for maximum impact.  You do not have to give formal presentations to gain value from this book.  From the original Speech Cookie OREO Method for building impromptu communication skills, to the vast array of idea generators, this book will make a positive difference in your life.  After all, Life is Just Speech Material!


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