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For the last 30 years, I have been helping others to realize their dreams - - whether it is in public speaking, running a succesful charitable event, launching a community project, or buying/selling a home or commercial property.

I have traveled the world as a Toastmaster and Rotarian and have learned that there is a commonality in all human beings: we all want to be happy and successful. It is my mission to help anyone who asks me to achieve this goal.

I have learned several professions so I may help others learn theirs. Whether it is selling your property or estate, writing books to help you through tough times, coaching you to become an effective speaker, or to become a community or business leader, or simply help organize an event to assure its success - - I am here to assist.

Please email or call: (814.212.3115) to learn about ways I may help you.
I am offering FREE consulting to help you create your perfect event. Email   Tammy  for more details.


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