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Each day someone new discovers the fantastic programs offered by Toastmasters. These programs, based on building and enhancing strong communication and leadership skills, have grown tremendously since 1924 when Dr. Ralph Smedley had a dream. Currently, we have over 220,000 members, 11,000 clubs, and representation in over 90 countries. For more information, visit:

Toastmaster Conference Planners:

If you would like me to speak at your conference (anywhere in the world!), simply provide travel, lodging and conference registration and I will provide a keynote, or workshop, or BOTH for your conference.

There are a variety of ways you can accomplish this without using District funds, which come from members' dues. For example:

Option 1: Secure a sponsor who will cover my travel expenses in exchange for promotion and publicity at your conference. For instance, if a sponsor will cover my airfare, you may offer to feature them as a convention sponsor in the program and given extra visibility with a banner or sign prominently displayed in the main assembly hall. I will be more than happy to thank them publicly, during my workshop and/or keynote address.  The win-win will be that they receive a lot of positive publicity, in exchange for the donation of one airline ticket, and people will remember their contribution after the conference has ended.

Option 2: Help secure a corporate client for whom I can speak while I am there. I speak on the topics of humor and healing, improving presentation skills, motivation and goal setting, customer service and leadership. A more advanced list can be found on this web site under “Presentations”. If you put me in touch with a corporation, association, or organization who hires me to present a program for them the day before or after your conference, I'll cover my expenses from their fee and stay to speak to your conference without additional cost to your district or region.

There may be other creative options available, including donated frequent flyer miles or barter rubber chickens for flights - well, that may be a stretch, but you get the idea – use your imagination.

Call me TODAY and discuss how to get me on the schedule for your next event!

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